Nuts and Berries

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With nuts and berries, the challenge is to find a composition that is not too cluttered. 

85mm 1/800sec f2  (ISO 200)

Symplocos Paniculata

85mm 1/500sec f3.5  (ISO 200)
85mm 1/400sec f3.5  (ISO 200)
85mm 1/500sec f2.2 -1/3 stop (ISO 200)

Bladder Nuts

85mm 1/5000sec f2.2 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)
85mm 1/1250sec f1.8 -1/3 stop (ISO 200)
17mm 1/1000sec f4  (ISO 400)

From my various holidays I have always been interested in 'context shots'.  There were lots of tiny tots running around the place during our visit, and the two attendant umbrellas balanced out the composition!

85mm 1/800sec f2.5  (ISO 400)

Looking for natural compositions was much more successful than trying to arrange the nuts and leaves myself

85mm 1/1600sec f2  (ISO 200)
85mm 1/320sec f3.5  (ISO 200)
85mm 1/40sec f3.2  flash on (ISO 400)
85mm 1/80sec f16  flash on (ISO 800)
85mm 1/80sec f5.6  flash on (ISO 400)

When I took these two photographs, the mushrooms appeared to be perfect, but somehow a mouse nibbled away at the image inside my camera!

85mm 1/160sec f5  flash on (ISO 400)

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