Majestic Trees

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Even in mid October, only a minority of trees were dressed in their autumn robes, and no vistas of burnished bronze stood out, but there were some interesting colours to be shot in isolation.  The biggest problem with these photographs was getting a wide enough lens, and suitable background.  Plus, of course, the problem of capturing images without the multitudes standing in admiration.

17mm 1/800sec f6.3  (ISO 400)
17mm 1/500sec f6.3 +2/3 stop (ISO 400)
17mm 1/640sec f6.3 +2/3 stop (ISO 400)
17mm 1/250sec f4  (ISO 400)
17mm 1/60sec f7.1 -1/3 stop (ISO 400)
36mm 1/80sec f4  (ISO 400)
19mm 1/160sec f9  (ISO 400)
17mm 1/160sec f9  (ISO 400)
85mm 1/125sec f7.1 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)
17mm 1/400sec f4 +2/3 stop (ISO 100)
85mm 1/400sec f4.5 +2/3 stop (ISO 400)

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