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You can find plenty of trees with character around arboretum in any season.  Every trunk and branch has been shaped by its environment over dozens of years, each one holding its life's story a closely guarded secret.

17mm 1/30sec f4  (ISO 800)

This tree might just be the original Whomping Willow - after all, J K Rowling did grow up in Gloucestershire
10mm 1/25sec f4 +1/3 stop (ISO 200)

I'd rather not visit this tree after dark

10mm 1/125sec f3.5 +1/3 stop (ISO 800)
25mm 1/60sec f5 -1/3 stop (ISO 200)
17mm 1/60sec f4 -1/3 stop (ISO 400)
85mm 1/125sec f2.8 -2/3 stop (ISO 400)
The branches on this tree looked like tentacles, and there is definitely an eye watching you
85mm 1/200sec f2.8 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)
85mm 1/125sec f2.8 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)
85mm 1/125sec f2.5 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)

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