Autumn Leaves 

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Shooting leaves against, or caught by the sun provides classic images.  A longer lens and wide aperture throws the background out of focus, concentrating attention on the subject.

85mm 1/250sec f3.5 +1/3 stop (ISO 400)

85mm 1/1600sec f3.5 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)

85mm 1/250sec f2.8  (ISO 100)

85mm 1/800sec f2.8  (ISO 100)

85mm 1/800sec f2.8  (ISO 100)

200mm 1/800sec f2.8  (ISO 400)

200mm 1/400sec f2.8  (ISO 800)

85mm 1/1000sec f2 -2/3 stop (ISO 200)

85mm 1/320sec f2.2  (ISO 400)

40mm 1/200sec f4 +2/3 stop (ISO 100)

85mm 1/2000sec f2 +2/3 stop (ISO 100)

85mm 1/1000sec f3.5 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)

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