Westonbirt Arboretum - October 2006

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Our tutored photo shoot at the Westonbirt Arboretum was timed to provide a parade of autumn colours.  As it turned out, autumn was late this year, but the diversity of the arboretum still allowed plenty of practice.  This was a day of mostly very soft light (photographers' euphamism for dull), although the sun did shine through at times.

 These pages are aimed both to show some of the results, and to share some of the lessons learned.  Hover the cursor over a picture to see the exposure details.


85mm 1/125sec f2.8 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)
Technical Notes

17mm 1/30sec f4  (ISO 800)
Trees With Character

85mm 1/250sec f1.8 +1/3 stop (ISO 400)
Close Up

85mm 1/250sec f3.5 +1/3 stop (ISO 400)
Autumn Leaves



17mm 1/800sec f6.3  (ISO 400)
Majestic Trees

85mm 1/800sec f2.5  (ISO 400)
Nuts and Berries


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