Halong Bay

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Unfortunately it was rather  misty for our trip to Halong Bay.  This made it all the more atmospheric at the time, but wasn't a help to the photography. 

Journey to Island Caves


It was a 3 hour coach journey from Hanoi to get to the harbour


The strange shapes of the islands are due to the fact that they are all limestone, and were eroded by wind and rain when the sea level was much lower than it is now.  Of course, within limestone you also find great caves - as here.  No interior photos, I'm afraid - my film wasn't fast enough. 


Off Around the Islands


The many islands in the bay mean that there are seldom any waves, making the sea hospitable to these floating houses


Lunch Spot


This is where we stopped for some swimming and kayaking.  Rowing under a low tunnel, we entered a salt-water lake, surrounded by land on all sides, with only our tunnel for entry and exit.

You needed to be a good swimmer, as it wasn't easy getting out of the water


An emergency was sounded when our boat ran out of drink, and this one arrived with new supplies.


Sinh is probably better suited as a tour guide than a pirate

Sailing Home

Just as the sun finally started burning through the haze it was time to head for home.  This was the last day of our holiday.

Ok, I admit to tweaking the colours a little bit.


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