The Road To Hué

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5 minutes after we were dropped off in Danang it started to rain, and the weather followed up all the way up to the top of Hai Van pass.  Fortunately, it improved considerably for the perilous ride down the other side.  This ended up being the longest ride of the trip, covering the 115km from Danang to Hué into a head-wind!

Hai Van Pass

The Irish would call the weather 'soft' - it was somewhere between rain, drizzle and fog, and made the lush vegetation seem even greener





Around every bend would appear more hill to climb

This was taken from just below the col - you can see one of our group on the road, although I can't quite make out who it is



The weather was brighter, if not actually sunny, for the dangerous ride down the other side.  Fortunately, I was taking  frequent photo-stops.





Lang Co

The main road passes through a tunnel, and the roads meet up again on a spit of land at Lang Co.



I'm not sure about this lad's choice of pet



The Road to Hué



Our stop generated quite a bit of interest, as the local kids were just coming out of school





The closer we got to Hué, the more crowded the road became






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