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The ride into town may have been a bit grim, but Hoi An was one of the highlights of the tour.  Teeming with tailors shops (well worth visiting if you have the time), a large atmospheric market, and close to Marble Mountain and fine beeches.  

Xiu made it a matter of pride that everyone's bikes were constantly well maintained.  Here we are getting ready for the ride around town

The support lorry carried industrial quantities of drinking water
Hoi An used to be a key port on the banks of the Thu Bon river.  As the river silted up, trade moved away to Danang.

Drying Rice in the Street

Along the roadside we often came across rice being dried in the sun - the hot, flat tarmac is the ideal surface for drying, just so long as no-one drives over it.

Having taken the photo above, the woman below was keen for us to see her own accumulation of rice


Buddhist Temple in Marble Mountain

It was sweltering below, so it was good to reach this Buddhist temple high up marble mountain
Not far from a big American air base, the mountain remained in the hands of the Viet Cong

Getting the exposure right for a white marble statue is not easy

Cua Dai Beach

Lunch and a cool beer on beach was just what the doctor ordered 

We watched this storm go past with some apprehension.  Was it coming our way?  Luckily not (on this occasion)

Japanese Covered Bridge

Lots to do and see around the town, but this was the only photograph I took

War Cemetery

Needless to say, this cemetery was for the fallen troops from the winning side.  There was no such site for the losing forces. 

Local Market

We stopped off at this village market on our way to Danang

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