Coming Down from the Mountains

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We left Dalat on a much more sunny day with a short coach ride, before jumping on the bikes for a long descent down Ngoan Muc Pass and through the countryside in the valley below.

Terraced Fields Around Dalat

There was interest wherever we stopped 

The Ngoan Muc Pass

There were pestering vendors at many of the stops, but this girl was one of the few who spoke English, and was a lot more laid-back than the others

With so much water coming down from the mountains, hydroelectricity is an obvious source of power

The Plains at the Bottom of the Pass

Like many rivers around the region, this one was swollen well above its normal level
Religions are no longer persecuted, and we passed Christian temples and graveyards amongst others

The Cham Towers at Po Klong Garai

One of the original peoples of the land, the Cham were overrun by other peoples over the centuries.  These towers were built in the 13th century, when the Cham were still in the ascendancy

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