Getting Started - Saigon and the Cu Chi Tunnels

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Officially 'Ho Chi Minh City', many people still call this 'Saigon', and the river flowing through is still called the Saigon river.  Photographically, the holiday got off to a slow start, with very few of Saigon itself (our sight-seeing of this town was rather limited, but compensated for with heavy doses of history later on the trip).

Cu Chi Tunnels

Just 40km from Saigon, this area was never captured by the Americans during the war.  The labyrinth of tunnels in the Cu Chi district was originally built during the first war of independence, against the French ("the French war"), and was extended for the war against the Americans ("the American war" as the Vietnamese know it, the "Vietnam war" to the rest of us).

This was a good old-fashioned trench combined with tunnel entrance.



The mount in the foreground actually contains ventilation tubes.  The 'hatch' under which the guide disappeared was flush with the forest floor. 

Unexploded bombs were re-cycled as booby traps



A burnt-out tank

Making rice paper in the traditional way, as demonstrated by Sinh in traditional cycling robes


Lacquerwork Factory



The Road to Dalat







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