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83mm 1/320sec f10 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)

These well-kept houses date back to medieval times 

Hercules Fountain

20mm 1/250sec f11 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)


85mm 1/800sec f5.6 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)


17mm 1/160sec f9 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)

This was a nice spot for lunch. 

26mm 1/800sec f4.5 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)

Ok, this time it's the camera which is a touch wonky. 

17mm 1/200sec f10 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)

This is actually a very popular pizzaria. 

85mm 1/250sec f10 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)

The Slovenians take their recycling seriously, and this recycling bank was in the old and beautiful (if unpronouncable) Mestni Trg, so it needed to be smart. 

38mm 1/250sec f11 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)


47mm 1/250sec f13 -1 stop (ISO 100)

This restaurant is just outside the Fish Market, and it is easier to find a free table than might otherwise be the case. 

26mm 1/125sec f10 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)


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