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Skofja Loka was a good base, both for watching the fell race, and for getting into the mountains. It is also a very picturesque town in its own right.

56mm 1/160sec f8 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)


41mm 1/200sec f10 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)


Spodnji Trg

24mm 1/250sec f11 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)

'Trg' is usually translated as 'square', but some are more long than wide, and have been adopted as roads (adding to the tourist's perils). 

38mm 1/250sec f11 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)


50mm 1/100sec f8 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)


Plague Pillar

61mm 1/250sec f11 -2/3 stop (ISO 100)

Built in 1751 as thanks for preventing fire and the plague 

47mm 1/250sec f5.6  (ISO 100)


Mestni Trg

30mm 1/250sec f14 -1/3 stop (ISO 100)

Mestni Trg is not used as a road (except by cyclists) 

24mm 1/250sec f5.6  (ISO 100)


30mm 1/125sec f10  (ISO 100)

Some of the buildings are old, some are new, and some are old but refaced 

20mm 1/250sec f11  (ISO 100)

I'm not sure how authentic the skylight windows are, however. 

41mm 1/250sec f13  (ISO 100)


30mm 1/125sec f10  (ISO 100)

The castle is situated in the traditional position, at the top of a hill overlooking the town, with a long not climb leading up to it. Being a Monday, it was closed. 

17mm 1/200sec f10  (ISO 100)


17mm 1/125sec f8  (ISO 100)

It was a hot day, so here is a photo of a band stand to complete the page. 

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