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Apart from photography, my main 'hobby' is running, and on this occasion I was able to combine the two.  While on a course in Grasmere, in the Lake District, I had a free hour one sunny evening, and with Easedale Tarn just a couple of miles away (plus the odd 750 feet of ascent) it was too good an opportunity to miss.   

Brinmer Head Farm, in Easedale.  The valley off to the right is Grasmere Common, while the waterfall is fed by the tarn.   
I had rarely tried 'stitching' photos together before, but this scene deserved it. 

On the way up, there  were many opportunities for 'classic' landscape shots.  But with just an hour to get there and back, it took some self-discipline to 'bag' the photograph, and move on.

The evening light on the hills around was spectacular to the eye, but almost unnatural when caught on camera.


The path was getting pretty rocky, but with so much scenery, I was running with camera in hand.  The key is never to look around while running:  run with eyes on the path, or stop to admire the views, and work out where the next photograph might be taken 


The setting sun on the fells made for some wonderful textures

 The other problem is that, panting for air, you still need to keep the camera steady!  Catching the movement of the water was not an easy task here.

Looking back down to Easedale. 

These sheep were not in quite such a hurry.  Normally timid creatures, but up on the moors this lot were happy to take their time. 

At last, the tarn is in sight





Another 'stitch' together of photos (five this time).  Sorry about the joins; there was no time to move up the tarn to get the sun behind, so shooting into the sun was the only option.


Not only was the sun now setting very fast, but dark clouds had crept up behind.  Time to pack the camera away, and bound back down the hill. 

This bridge takes you back off the path onto Easedale Road, and civilisation.
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