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Neil Miller 2008

Waterfalls at Kbal Spean

River of a thousand Lingas

Featuring many Hindu carvings, these waterfalls were discovered just 40 years ago.  Although more than 900 years old, they are incredibly well preserved.


Reclining Vishnu


The 'Lingas' are the raised disks, representing ovae.  These hills had religious importance from the start of the Khmer civilisation.




Having taken a number of photos of this waterfalls some local lads turned up for a shower





The Temple at Banteay Srei

We stopped off on the way back from the waterfalls.  At midday on a particularly sunny day, this was a very hot visit.




As in many other places, the original statuettes were destroyed under Pol Pot, but have now been replaced with new carvings.  These do, however, show how pink the local sandstone is, and give an idea of the original colour of the temple.




This lad had followed me down to the temple, and I had been vaguely interested in his guide books.  He was, of course, waiting patiently for us to return.

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Neil Miller 2008