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This tutored photoshoot was held at the International Centre for Birds of Prey at Newent in Gloucestershire. Here there are a good variety of birds trained for falconry, and the display includes a good amount of information on the brids, as well as some spectacular flying!

200mm 1/1250sec f2.8 -1/3 stop (ISO 400)

Peregrine Falcons


200mm 1/1600sec f2.8  (ISO 400)

Other Falcons


200mm 1/4000sec f2.8  (ISO 800)



200mm 1/1250sec f2.8  (ISO 400)

Hawks and Eagles


200mm 1/500sec f2.8 -1/3 stop (ISO 800)

The Vulture and Other Birds


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Neil Miller 2011