Benbecula in July

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Benbecula is a low lying island, originally separated at high tide from North Uist to the north, and South Uist which lies (surprisingly enough) to the south.  Causeways link the Islands, but a huge amount of damage (not to mention the tragic loss of life) was done during the hurricane of January 2005, when the wind was recorded gusting up to 140mph.

The rebuilt causeway from South Uist across to Benbecula

The causeway from Benbecula to North Uist - look out for the distinctive shape of Eabhal (Eaval) in the background in many of the photographs below!

Looking south (and below, north) from the causeway.  If you're interested in coastal margin, then this is the place to come!


Looking north from Benbecula, with the causeway running near the horizon


This bay is on the Atlantic side of the island, distinctively less settled


There has been a complete overhaul of the housing, so don't expect to find pictures of lots of twee old cottages

Views from a low hill at the north end of South Uist.


These shots were actually taken at about 11pm the evening we arrived, driving up through South Uist from the port of Lochboisedale


The northern margin of Benbecula

This ancient stone circle overlooks Loch Euphoirt on North Uist, with Eabhal (Eaval) to the south (just for a change)



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